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Sterling & York, Ltd.

Trident Villas & Hotel

    Trident Villas & Hotel spans 14 acres, meandering along the northeastern coastline and nestled between the Blue Mountains and a palm-fringed sapphire sea.

    Trident's Port Antonio is a photographer's dreamland consisting of majestic waterfalls, timeless rivers, a bottomless blue lagoon, and the unique charm of a tropical  Victorian town. Life at Trident is one of intimacy and relaxation, cultivation and grace. It is a life of the very finest in European tradition, tempered by the melodic lilt of Jamaica. Many celebrities have stayed at the Trident, including Tom Cruise who slept there while filming "Cocktail" at Dragon Bay. 

Sterling & York, Ltd. assisted in the facilitation of debt financing of $4,700,0, by bringing a number of interested people and financial organizations from around the world to consider investment options and in providing their requested sum.

Trident 1

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